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Region A Conventions 2015


March 19-21, 2015     Florida


May 14-16, 2015        Alabama

June 18-20 2015       Georgia

July 16-18 2015   South Carolina

Sept 3 - 6 2015       Wing Ding   

Oct 29 - 31 2015      Region A





                                                         Welcome to South Carolina

                                                   2319 Tickle Hill Road Camden, SC 29020

                                                   Ph: 803-425-7833(H) 803-427-1695 (C)


  Judy and I, along with the whole South Carolina District Team, are proud to welcome you all to our District Website. Here you will find an  easy to use source to obtain the latest information for the chapters that make up our wonderful state,   and all planned activities for both chapter and district levels.  If you are unable to find the answers to any of your questions, feel free to contact any District Team member, Chapter Director, or us.  We hope you decide to join us for FUN, FRIENDSHIP  and KNOWLEDGE!

Phil and Judy Stone     


Update on Doug Turbeville.

Please pray for Doug and Robin Tuberville and their family. We have been informed that Doug was admitted back in the hospital today with a brain bleed and blood clots in the lungs.


GWRRA Group Cruise January 24th. Click for Details



District Events

Click on links for more details.


Note: Most Chapters will be having their Christmas Party this month instead of their regular meeting. Please call ahead.



Chapter F Easley No meeting in December


January 2015


Chapter G Charleston Gathering                  8:30 A.M. / 9:00 A.M.

Chapter H York Gathering                           5:00 P.M. / 6:00 P.M.

Chapter J Myrtle Beach                               6:00 P.M. / 7:00 P.M.



Chapter K Spartanburg Gathering                6:30 P.M. / 7:00 P.M.



Chapter I Clemson Gathering                       6:00 P.M. / 7:00 P.M.



Chapter A Anderson Gathering                    6:30 P.M. / 7:30 A.M.


01/10/2015 Chapter Conference.  Whitmire Community Center at 122 Glenn Street, Whitmire, SC. 8:30 A.M to 5:00 P.M.



Chapter P Lexington Gathering                     8:00 A.M. / 9:00 A.M.

Chapter E Greenville Gathering                     5:30 P.M. / 6:30 P.M.



Chapter M Greenwood Gathering                  6:00 P.M. / 7:00 P.M.   



Chapter Q Aiken Gathering                           9:00 A.M. / 9:30 A.M.

Chapter O Chesterfield Gathering                11:00 A.M. / 12:00 P.M.

Chapter S Newberry/Saluda Gathering          2:00 P.M. / 3:00 P.M.



Chapter V Sumter  Gathering                        6:00 P.M. / 7:00 P.M. 



Plaque Attack

Chapter F Easley Gathering                           6:00 P.M. / 7:00 P.M.





Chapter P Has the Traveling Plaque.
They will host the Plaque on January 24, 2015 at Ryan's 5579 Sunset Boulevard Lexington, SC 29072. We will eat at 12:00 and Meet at 1:00. They will also have their gathering after the plaque attack. Everyone is welcome to stay for the gathering.

                     Mileage Grid


       The Hot Tweety Trail

Chapter F received Tweety on Nov. 22nd.


Chapter M received Tweety on Nov. 20th.

Chapter S received Tweety on Nov. 15th.


Chapter A got Tweety on Nov. 14th.











Please email with photos, number of riders, and mileage when you deliver the potato.





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