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History of Chapter S


Chapter SC-S became chartered on August 16, 1997 in the Gold Wing Road Riders Association with Gold Wing owners from Newberry and Saluda Counties as members. Our participates are from the towns of Little Mountain, Prosperity, and Whitmire, as well as Newberry and Saluda. We welcome any motorcycle riders as associates and members to join us for FUN, Fellowship, and Safe Rides.
As a chapter, we regularly participate in the Little Mountain Reunion Parade the first Saturday of August where we carry the Region A State Flags in the parade. We also participate in charity rides throughout the year to include the Veteran's Christmas Ride. See our Chapter S Newsletter, Newberry Saluda Wings for further information click here


Charter's Gathering

Chapter S Newberry Saluda Wings Gathering is the 3rd Saturday of each month at 2:00 pm to eat, 3:00 pm to meet at Ronnie's Buffet and Grill, 2067 Wilson Road (Hwy 76), Newberry, SC.  Come and join us for FUN.

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Chapter S History 

True wingers don’t mind traveling across the state to participate in the gatherings of other chapters, and the first members of Chapter “S” were true wingers. They were active in their community and their organization before they “kicked off” their own chapter. They visited several chapters throughout the state. They went to Chapter C, Chapter K, and Chapter E. They also participated in the Little Mountain Reunion Parade and rode to the mountains several times. They visited Ceasar’s Head State Park, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Chimney Rock State Park.        

  On August 16, 1997, 185 “Wingers” gathered at Quincy’s in Newberry to kick off a new Gold Wing Road Rider Chapter. More than 103 bikes filled the parking lot. People driving by in their cars or parked in the parking lot, as well as pedestrians, stopped to check out the bikes lined up side by side in the lot. It was a hot day, but the weather did not keep the wingers from all over the state from gathering to celebrate the “Kick Off” of Chapter “S.” At the time there were 18 chapters in the state and all but one of them were represented; that was due to health issues.

Jerry Godwin, the Chapter Director, had a lot of moral support that day. Distinguished visitors from the State Staff were there to lend a hand. Ralph Hood, the District Director and the Assistant Director Brad Fuller were there to be a part of the kick off. Jerry Steadman, South Carolina’s District Public Relations Coordinator and Blair Beasley, former District Educator, were also there. South Carolina’s Couple of the Year Gary and Sybil Brinson were also among the honored guests.  

Two 50/25/25 $140 lucky winners were among those present. There was a raffle for a leather vest that day, too. Chapter “S” received a gift that day-the Hot Potato. Chapter “R” brought the chapter the potato and added a horse for “Hot Potato” to ride on. Jerry anticipated the arrival and had already planned a ride to Chapter “K” to deliver it to them. The Couple of the Year for Chapter “S” Ezell and Frances Hancock were introduced at the gathering. It was almost as hot inside Quincy’s as it was outside, but that did not stop the wingers from eating a delicious meal and fellowshipping.  

After the gathering adjourned, Jim Wheatley, Ezell, Francis, Jerry and ________ headed to Spartanburg to surprise Chapter “K.” They hid the “Hot Potato” in the trunk of Jerry’s bike and sneaked it into the gathering. They were warmly welcomed, and the chapter director even asked if Jerry had anything to say. He didn’t, but he did have something for them. He presented them with the “Hot Potato.” They were not sure if Chapter “S” could get rid of it so quickly; they had only had it for three hours. Ralph Hood assured Chapter “K” that they could give it away. They set a record on the day of their first gathering; they set a record for keeping the “Hot Potato” the shorted time and as of September 1997, the most wingers in attendance at a “kick off.”  

The first year Chapter “S” was busy. They developed “Newberry Wings” the chapter newsletter. They adopted a single mother of five at Thanksgiving and held a Easter Egg Hunt on April 5, 1998 for any GWRRA member in the state who wanted to attend. They also participated in the Sweetheart Weekend sponsored by Chapter “D.”  At their first official meeting, they had 40 people. Some of them were from Chapters D, P, and R. The chapter also participated in a Street Rod Show in Columbia at Fudruckers. They held a joint Christmas party with Chapter “D.”  ...................................






Our Chapter Director's

    Jon & Donna Horning,       Chapter Director's and      District Couple of the Year