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Here is Chapter S, Newberry Saluda Wings, having FUN.

The pictures below show just a few of the events and places we go as a chapter.

These pictures change monthly. So come back often to see what Chapter S, Newberry Saluda Wings, is up to next.



Yupper that's me ... newsletter editor and webmaster of these here pages ... My Wife Marianne is the other half of the team ...


 The South Carolina District Rally May 2018


      Buddy and Kim                                                                         The Registration desk catching up 




     Game room during a slow moment ....                                                                        Chapter P putting #'s on their tickets ..



          Kathy & Doris ...


      Phil listening to Judy, Yes dear ... lol ...                                                                      Buddy talking to the COY Social


    Hay I know them people ...                                                                                Dee, Jane & Bob


    Glen testing out his future ride ...


  David did a wonderful job of cooking all them dogs ...


         Gordon, Doris and Kathy                                                                             HOT DOG ...


  Newberry Mayor presenting the GWRRA Weekend  Plague             Cutting a rug ... or some bricks 



            And what would it be without a couple critters, Rhonda brought a possum and Terry brought her skunk


     AWESOME ... Earnest T ...                                               What a cute couple



                     Vic and Carol                                                                                                 1st Place Chapter Costume   



                  Jon 1st Place Individual Costume                                                   Jon & Marianne 2nd Place Couple Costume



                Chapter "S" 1st Place Costume                                                               Donna & Glen taking a much needed break


                  Mike and Mary Coral                                                                                              Dee, Jon, Donna and Terry


     Bob taking his nap ...                                                                                                   Donna, Rick, Jan and Dee's back


                                  Chapter "S" First Place Mascot ... Oh Ya ...















            JW was absolutely hilarious                                                            David and Karran , dont know the yellow shirt lady ...                         



   Hot Rod Jan, Our Chapter S member that also volunteers at the Opera House



                                                                                                                                                   What a Great District Team


    Thank You to the Opera House for dealing with us ...




   Some of the Door prizes  






                                Next Year is under construction ...




 March 3rd 2018 ... Ride to Santee to make reservation for camping in October

          First we stopped at Lone Star BBQ and Mercantile



   Our Valentines Day Party 2018


    Ah Yes the undersheet game .... lots of fun ...                                                And the women blowing balloons across the room to their hubby's



    We were Awarded the Couple of the Year for 2018 on this night ... What an Honor ...            Rick & Jan were Awarded the King and Queen Sweethearts



       Terry was Awarded the Individual of the Year ..             Donna and Marianne did a wonderful job of checking folks in, Jerry and Tia were able to join for the first time


           The District Couple of the Year selection  February 2018


  The five Couples along with our out going Couple, Jon and Donna                              Our Five couples along with the Judges


        Congratulations 2018 District Couple of the Year ...

           And the Award goes to David &Melissa Timbs Chapter J



       2018 New Years Day Polar Bear ride to Trotters in Clinton  







           Hillbilly Parade 2017 somewhere in the woods on some little road ...





        Our Ride to Chapter O in the cold Dec 2017


    Chapter S Christmas Party at Trotters in Clinton 2017       
















  Vic & Carol attended a parade in Simpsonville  3 December 2017



  North Carolina GWRRA District Rally Sept 2017 ... we camped at Pride RV Resort ...



                      Our new toy, Champion Daytona sidecar                                               Marianne passing the time in her new ride ...


      Helping make breakfast, but Jon's bacon was best ...                                 Sitting around enjoying good company, we were trying to ignore JW ... lol ...


   More time spent gathering after a good meal ...                                               Ah Yes... good burgers and dogs on Friday night ...


      Cool cloud formation in front of the mountain Saturday morning while Jon cooked bacon


      Ours ...    during our break on hwy 209 Saturday ...                                         Jon and Donna's during our break


    Found this craft fair in Marshall NC on our Saturday ride and they were making bricks for a monument in town.

    People could sign one and then get another one to take home. The girls participated ...



   Sunday morning getting ready to go home Marianne broke the mirror off ...     Jon and Donna, Wayne and Marianne packed and ready to roll ...





                                               CHAPTER "S" Celebrating 20 years








       Chapter "S" making great memories at the 20th celebration ... we (Wayne & Marianne) had to miss it but plan on being at the next one ...



                                                   These next 6 pictures are from Antiques on Main in Chesnee SC --- 30 July 1017



                                                          Awesome display of great riding .... these guys put on a show in a wooden barrel ....




                                                                        Here we are at the Little Mountain Reunion August 2017







    My two favorite cars ... an original Polaris 500 Dodge, chipped paint and all   ...  and a decent Rat Rod that I could have some fun with ...    





     Our Monthly Dempsey's Pizza Night Gathering for July 2017... This time with some special guests ... Shannon and Susan had their Son and his family ...


                                              Kim and Buddy brought Kim's daughter ...  I think we all enjoyed the extra company and conversation ...


                                                                             Donna, Jon and Jan somewhere in Georgia ...





                     Vic and Carol enjoying lunch in Saluda N.C, you can read Vic's article about this ride in our June Newsletter.  


                Below are picture from June 11th 2017 when Jon added the California Side Car to his 1500 Gold Wing 


                      The Beginning to add Jon's Side Car                                                          Ok we need to move everything over here


                        Ok we moved everything Now What                                                                Making progress brackets are on


                                     Finishing last bolts                                                                                     Donna's first Ride


                                            Away they go                                                                                  Marianne's turn in the new toy



      GW Standing Proudly at our Gathering, problem with loading the picture upright              Our Gathering 5-17-17  with visitors from Chapter P                                                                                



             Mothers Day breakfast at Rick and Jan's                                                 Breakfast and Gathering with Chapter P



               Chapter P Gathering 



 Campout Dreher Is, Waiting on our steak dinner to arrive, 2 hours late            Dinner with Chapter S, P, M, although 2 hours late is was good


                     Bill with his morning wakeup cup in hand                                            Shannon with Terry looking for coffee



                 Our cook for breakfast                                                    Buddy and Glen waiting to be fed



                                 Enjoying late dinner                                                                      more folks enjoying late dinner


    Relaxing at Margaret's house after filling up on home made ice cream               Every camp has one ... ours could scare ducks away ... you had to be there




                                                                 Kim and Marianne admiring the landscape at Susan and Shannon's lake house  



                                                                     Shannon and Susan put on a Great smoked chicken dinner 


                           Donna B after a fun boat ride                                                                        More than one way to get wind in your hair



                  Buddy and Kim relaxing at the lake                              Our Gracious Host Shannon and some goofy guy on the Pontoon Boat


                 Shannon, Glen and Wayne on the Pontoon Boat                                                   Bill and Glen relaxing at the lake                                                               Doris enjoying the camp



       Wonderful Breakfast biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon oh ya ...                               Marianne chasing the Ducks away for Donna H. 



                                                      We had a Great Moon Rise our first night at our annual Campout at Dreher Island 2017



        Dempsey's Pizza night fun, the youngins pickin on each other                    More folks enjoying pizza and good company


            more youngins pickin on each other ....



Newberry Nursing Home being presented the Mothers Day Wreaths                          May 28 2017 Ladies Craft Day


                  Glen & Donna received this Certificate for Membership Coordinator for 2016 at the South Carolina Rally in Beaufort this year..




   Chapter S First Place for Mascot, Proud Marianne with GW                              The making of GW clothing



   The making of all the bricks for GWand placing them on the board                                                    Our Collage         




      The Bumgarner's at the Rally                                                                                 Check in station at the SC Rally in Beaufort



   Waterfront in Beaufort with swing to enjoy the view                                      A look at the swinging bridge with Sailboat on the way


           A closer look at the swinging bridge                                                    Remember these lines from the movie ??           


Carol and Vic with all her winning tickets, we had to haul a trailer                     Check in line at the SC rally Beaufort, Quality Inn

full of her winnings home ... they didn't have room on the bike.



        The Ladies with the Wreaths for Mothers Day


                                                                               Bumgarners and Horning's at the Tenn rally 2017


  Bill Finally receiving his Individual of the Year Award WITH Medallion ...                                           Vic & Carol receiving their Officer Certificates




         Buddy was awarded Redick for being Wrong Way on our trip in NC                       Jan, Rider Ed, Showing us the glass filling with water then running over, good metaphor ...



       Waiting for food, Our Gathering with 8 guests from Chapter K                                        Dee and Bob, enjoying the food ...




            More food being inhaled and stories being told                                                  I caught Jon talking to the Easter Bunny


        Enjoying talking with friends at our Gathering                                                        Jon taking charge and getting it going ...




 Jon and Buddy working on Vic's trike, 5 light bulbs and now they both work ...                Jon helping Milie add some fluid to the radiator ...



    Breakfast food line at Bumgarners ...                                                                     Enjoying breakfast on maintenance day ....


      The next 4 pictures are from a Glider Race out of Wagener S.C.  April 2017



   One LS-10 Glider sitting in a field after loosing lift on the way to Newberry           All apart and loaded in the trailer for the return to Wagener          


     65 Gliders lined up waiting for take off  time                                                    See the yellow tow plane with glider behind






   Introducing our New Chapter S Director ... Jon Horning & Donna Horning                                                        Chapter "S" Gold Award  Chapter of the Year 2016


                                                                                                                                        Chapter "S" Couple Of The Year  2017


        13 Perfect Attendance for 2016                                                   Chapter "S" 3rd place in district newsletter 2016


   Bill ... when you have to go ...                                  Bill Wilson Individual of the year 2017


    A few of our riders visited Cross Keys House


     A few of our riders visited Rose Hill Plantation


Marianne and I looking at new peaches beginning to bloom in February ... The color is soooo much better in person




 A couple of ladies craft days ... Flower Pots and the                                     Easter Egg Wreaths



                                                 Road Captain Course at Bumgarners


    BBQ in North Caroline during our leaf peeping ride                                                Ice Cream stop last summer, 2016



                          Camping in Cherokee NC for the NC Rally 2016



              Our Christmas Party 2016











Our newest member Mr. Bill Begemann, Marianne's father. He enjoys going to dinner with the Chapter so we got him a membership, he also has a hat and shirt.